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Bone Spurs

Bone structures sometimes enlarge over time with the wear and tear of aging, stress and pressure, osteoarthritis and injury. These enlargements are known as bone spurs or osteophytes. Contrary to popular belief, bone spurs are not pointed, rather they are smooth. When the spurs protrude into soft tissue and press on nerves, significant pain can occur. Bone spurs can develop in the neck, spine or lower back.

Bone spurs may exhibit themselves in several ways: numbness, weakness in the arms or legs, severe pain in the neck or back, limited range of motion and more. Pain from bone spurs can be intense and debilitating, affecting quality of life and limiting the ability to perform normal activities of daily living.

Lumin PainCARE specialists will pinpoint the precise area of your bone spurs and will recommend conservative treatments such as medications, injections or exercise, or minimally invasive surgery to reduce the spurs and relieve your pain. We have helped thousands of North Texans successfully overcome the pain and inconvenience of bone spurs.

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