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Facet Syndrome

Facet Syndrome is a form of arthritis that impacts the facet joints. Facet joints occur in pairs on the sides of the bones in the vertebrae. They allow the bones to slide over each other without losing contact. Disease or injury can damage the pod that surrounds the facet joints, compromising its lubrication of the joints. Pain generally occurs, as does some degree of spine instability. Aging and injury appear to be the two biggest contributors to facet syndrome. As cartilage breaks down, bone spurs are likely to develop resulting quality-of-life limiting pain.

In many cases, facet syndrome can be successfully treated with conservative approaches including pain medications, targeted exercise, injections and lifestyle changes. If these approaches don’t provide the desired results, Lumin PainCARE specialists may recommend minimally invasive surgery. We’ve helped thousands of North Texans successfully overcome facet syndrome, gain relief from pain and return to normal daily activities.

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