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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder injuries often happen while working around the house, playing sports, or participating in other activities. Tears of muscles, pulls, ligaments or tendons, dislocations, inflammation, fractures and arthritis can inhibit or completely impede movement of the shoulder joints. Many who experience issues with their shoulder are often sidelined from completing daily activities. Lumin PainCARE shoulder experts have treated thousands of patients using conservative techniques.


Some of the symptoms of shoulder pain include:

  • Pain or weakness of the arm
  • Feeling of looseness
  • Misshapen shoulder
  • Difficulty sleeping on the injured side
  • Stiffness
  • Limited range of motion
  • Pain and numbness in the hand, ring finger and little finger
  • Pain on the outside or inside of the elbow
  • Painful clicking or locking of the elbow


At Lumin PainCARE we always investigate conservative treatment first. Therapy, over-the-counter pain medications, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory medications, ice packs and moist heat are some examples of conservative treatment. If the most conservative treatments are not effective in relieving pain, our pain experts may recommend injections to block the pain and reduce inflammation. In the event conservative treatment is not the best course of action, our OrthoCARE physicians, are experts in a variety of minimally-invasive surgical techniques enabling patients to recovery faster and with less pain.

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