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Torn Disc

Torn Disc is also known as ruptured or herniated disc. The condition occurs when disease or injury compromises the outer wall of an intervertebral disc causing it to tear slightly, allowing disc material to leak into the spinal canal. If the material protrudes onto or compresses a nerve root or the spinal cord, various symptoms can occur including — pain in the neck or back, weakness, numbness, tingling and muscle cramping or spasms. Symptoms will exhibit themselves depending on the location of the torn disc.

Torn discs are frequently caused by sports injuries, traumatic injuries or age-related degeneration. In most cases a torn disc will heal with time. A Lumin PainCARE specialist may also recommend pain and anti-inflammatory medications, moist heat and cold compresses, physical therapy, stretching, targeted exercise, weight loss and injections. If these approaches don’t provide the desired results, minimally invasive surgery may be the most appropriate treatment.



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